The Mystery behind Playing Cards Design

Almost every time we find different design around us without noticing what these designs are trying to teach us. We can learn interesting things from these designs if we give little bit attention towards these designs. Anyhow here we are going to the world of playing cards and will try to find the mysterious meaning of each playing card design we found in every pack of playing cards.We start from this assumption that we are going to see playing cards first time in our life and will try to find what each design show us but before this it’s good to know about its background too.

Background of playing cards:

China was the first country where playing cards have been used in 9th century after this Europe started its use in 14th century and that time two type of designs in playing cards was famous in Europe. First was popular in France called Parisian and the second one was popular in England called Rouennais. Nowadays playing cards design are most influenced by deigns of Rouennais play cards. The symbols we find on the playing cards are diamonds, clubs, spades and heartscreated by the French, Basically the concepts of different shapes comes from the Italo-Spanish cards including symbols of cup, coin, club and swords. The simple pack of bicycle playing cards is very easy to make because it’s just needed simple stamps on the cards.


After discussing about the origin of playing cards it’s time to reveal the mystery of playing cards designs that these cards trying to tell us

Mystery behind playing card designs:

Following are the things we can find from playing cards:

1: Symmetric Position

The designs of playing cards are symmetric in nature, if you ever observe the playing cards it will be easy for you to find symmetric position that attracted more towards them. Through its symmetric design people learn coherent behavior and it serves satisfaction for our brain too because our brain love things that are in symmetric positions. This symmetry position is also on the court cards that are also called face cards too. Face cards show full illustration of the specific character with the quality of symmetry.

2: Easy to use

The designer of playing cardsgives more attention on its durability and finding ways to boost its use for longer period of time. So to achieve this aim what designer do is to insert numbers at the corner of each playing card to give the facility for the player to handle more cards in a single hand without dispersing while playing cards.These qualities increase its use also.

3: king of diamond & king of hearts

Here we are revealing most interesting thing that you guys never observed on the court cards. Have you ever noticed the king of diamond is only the king having axe instead of having sword in his hand and the king of hearts is the only king without moustache and trying to kill himself.

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