Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed Services Keeps You From Growing

“Posting letters is a very old tradition”, last night my 5years old grandson told this to me. I smiled at him and told him the story of Royal Mail. It’s a largest and the only letter posting company working in the UK. Royal Mail strives hard to survive in this world of technology where people don’t have time to wait, where sending a message is just a matter of microseconds, where you can socialize all around the world within few seconds via different mobile apps. You can view all the latest news happening in the world via internet while relaxing in your living room. In today’s world sending a letter sounds indifferent? Right? But someone has said true “old is gold”. Old traditions don’t die easily. At the time of our grandparent’s letter was the only way of communication. Royal mail is still keeping alive this old tradition in the UK. If you want to send a gift or parcel to your loved ones or you want to send your words and feelings to your friends and family, Royal Mail will always help you in doing so. Moreover, different types of services and packages are designed according to the feasibility of the customers in the UK. Below is the list of Royal Mail services:

  • Universal service

You can say that USP (Unique Selling Point) of Royal Mail is Universal service. Under this service, you can send a parcel of a specific size throughout the UK at the same cost. Price remains the same however, location changes according to your request. This service is very beneficial for the residents of the UK, because at the same price they can send their parcels to different locations. Royal Mail will keep this service active till 2021.

  • Special delivery

If you want to deliver a parcel on an urgent basis, then Royal Mail special delivery package is perfect for you. With increased cost you can deliver your parcel on the very next day either at 9am or 1pm. Timings depend upon the pricing. If you want your parcel to be delivered at 9 am, then we expect you to pay us the amount of £50 and if you want us to deliver at 1 pm, then we expect you to pay us £500.

  • Business Mail

Business people also come under our target market. Mostly two types of business mails are sent by our customers. PPI mail will be send after a simple inkpad stamp. On the other side if you want to send a franked mail through us, then it will be expensive, because this parcel is stamped with the help of a franked machine. No simple ink pad stamp is used. If you want to send any parcel through us, then feel free to dial royal mail phone number.

You can send your parcels and letters either through first class service or through cost effective ways. Royal mail 1st class is highly efficient and you will receive your parcel on the very next working day including Saturdays. If you want to send an immediate parcel, then Royal Mail 1st class is a best option for you. Whereas, if you are not in hurry and you are looking for some economical package for sending a parcel, then go for a 2nd class Royal Mail option. You will receive your parcel within two or three working days including Saturdays. If you want to send parcel, then contact them today on royal mail phone number.

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